Compute Science and Engineering student, Programmer, App Developer, and more.

Programming Background

  • In the past, I have created various web applications for the purposes of presenting my projects or learning web development and programming languages.
  • Above average knowledge in ActionScript which was paired with Alligator Flash Designer software to create various flash web applications and games.
  • Deep understanding of how MySQL and PHP operate, and how to manage and use databases, however, aside from the creation of this website, very little of the both were put into real life application.
  • Various Java applications, including the biggest of all LA Foodie* which uses Java Swing for the GUI, and the Yelp API which receives the data in JSON and converts it to set variables in Java using GSON. This application puts to use MySQL database as well by saving the user's favorite restaurants in the database.
  • Above average knowledge of C# and the intensive use of the language to create the eastern style BlackJack* game.
  • Excellent knowledge of C++, and the understanding of object-oriented practice to create and maintain re-useable code. In addition, the knowledge of pointers for memory manipulation and dynamic memory allocation, and templates for the use of generally operative programs on varies data types.
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS used to create professional looking websites for various clients and businesses including a restaurant, a photographer, singers, a soccer team, and various others.
  • Above average knowledge of the Unity Game engine and its API including the modified C# and JavaScript used to program the game levels.
  • Intensive use of Java, paired with Android Studio and the Android Libraries to create an all-in-one calculator called Kalkulator*.


  • Volunteer Graphic Designer at Forumotion Support Website (Feb 2011-March 2011)
  • Volunteer Lead CSS Designer at Forumotion Support Website (March 2011-July 2011)
  • Volunteer Interactive 3D Programmer for the Glendale High chemistry department (Feb 2012-June 2012)
  • Unity Game Engine Programmer on End of Wars (cancelled PC video game) (May 2013-June 2013)
  • Officer at Future Video Game Developers group at Glendale Community College(2015-current)
  • Computer Technician at Staples (2013-current)

All names marked with (*) can be viewed/downloaded on the Projects page.